Job details

Technical Assistance to Support CISOP 2014-2020 Operations, Information and Publicity

Key Expert 3 — EU Communication Expert

  • Project status
  • Project duration
  • Country
  • Start date
  • Deadline for application
  • Contact person
  • Open tenders
  • 36 months
  • Turkey
  • November 2018
  • 20 June
  • Giulia Santi
Project description

The overall objective of the project of which this contract is part is as follows: to contribute to the enhancement of absorption, administrative and institutional capacity of the OS and programme beneficiaries for effective and efficient management and publicity of the CISOP 2014-2020.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:

• To further consolidate the OS administrative capacity to manage the Operational Programme in compliance with EU Regulations, Framework / Financing / Operational Agreements for IPA II and applicable national legislation, and improve the design of OP management, monitoring and control systems;

• To maximize sound IPA II fund absorption by improving potential beneficiaries7 final beneficiaries (End Recipients of Assistance - ERAs)' access to information on funding opportunities available under CISOP 2014-20, as well as by strengthening their capacity to apply for, and correctly utilize, available IPA II funding;

• To enhance the OS capacity to effectively communicate, and ensure visibility of IPA -funded actions in compliance with stipulations of IPA II Regulations, as well as with Framework and Financing Agreement;

• To support OS in TPA programming for 2021-27 period;

• To increase awareness on the role of EU in Turkey, as well as visibility of IPA -funded actions in support to Competitiveness and Innovation Sector by programme stakeholders and the general public.

Job description

Key Expert 3 has extensive professional experience in promotion of EU-related matters, and is highly skilled in designing communication strategies as well as conceiving and drafting contents for promoting CSP through all communication means. KE3 will be responsible for carrying out the following tasks:

• supervising, and contributing to, concept design and/or content development for CSP promotional materials (e.g. CSP Newsletter; press releases, ads, bulletins; articles; info- and video -graphics, promotional videos, etc.);

•contributing to develop a strategy for making best use of social media and designing related contents;

• organizing, and providing assistance during delivery of, Info -Days and Visibility Information Meetings for potential beneficiaries  /  Final Beneficiaries;

• organizing CSP promotional events and design of promotional/visibility materials;

• Supervising Web content and information requests for visibility and communication;

• organizing Sectoral Monitoring Committee meetings;

• managing dialogue and interactions with media, including organization of site visits for journalists;

• revising the CS/CAP;

• designing and performing activities for enhancing tools for internal communication.

The expert will be able to communicate with target audience and journalists in Turkish language as well as to check promotional materials' contents.

Job duration

3 years

Job profile

Qualifications and skills

•  Bachelor's degree in one of the fields of public relations, economics, business administration, social sciences, communication, journalism, political science, humanities or equivalent. Master degree is an asset;

•  Excellent command of written and spoken English and Turkish;

•  Full computer literacy.

General professional experience

• Minimum 7, but preferably 10 years of working experience following the attainment of a Bachelor's degree.

Specific professional experience

• Experience as Key Expert in at least 1 TA project in the field of information and communication financed from EU pre -accession or Structural Funds, lasting minimum 1 year non-stop;

• Minimum 3 years of experience in planning, designing and executing communication actions and/or information/promotion campaigns at project/programme level;

•Experience in at least 3 actions in the following domains: organization and delivery of training courses and workshops in the domain of communication, visibility, public and media relations etc. and/or moderation of seminars and/or organization and delivery of conferences and similar events.