Job details

Technical Assistance to Support CISOP 2014-2020 Operations, Information and Publicity

Key Expert 1 — Strategic Advisor / Team Leader

  • Project status
  • Project duration
  • Country
  • Start date
  • Deadline for application
  • Contact person
  • Open tenders
  • 36 months
  • Turkey
  • November 2018
  • 20 June
  • Giulia Santi
Project description

The overall objective of the project of which this contract is part is as follows: to contribute to the enhancement of absorption, administrative and institutional capacity of the OS and programme beneficiaries for effective and efficient management and publicity of the CISOP 2014-2020.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:

• To further consolidate the OS administrative capacity to manage the Operational Programme in compliance with EU Regulations, Framework / Financing / Operational Agreements for IPA II and applicable national legislation, and improve the design of OP management, monitoring and control systems;

• To maximize sound IPA II fund absorption by improving potential beneficiaries7 final beneficiaries (End Recipients of Assistance - ERAs)' access to information on funding opportunities available under CISOP 2014-20, as well as by strengthening their capacity to apply for, and correctly utilize, available IPA II funding;

• To enhance the OS capacity to effectively communicate, and ensure visibility of IPA -funded actions in compliance with stipulations of IPA II Regulations, as well as with Framework and Financing Agreement;

• To support OS in TPA programming for 2021-27 period;

• To increase awareness on the role of EU in Turkey, as well as visibility of IPA -funded actions in support to Competitiveness and Innovation Sector by programme stakeholders and the general public.

Job description

The Key Expert 1 / Team Leader shall be responsible for the overall coordination and organisation of project activities as described under these ToR — including inter alia:

• proposing and agreeing with Beneficiary on, non -key experts, and supervising their work;

• preparing and submitting progress reports as required by these ToR;

•performing TNA, and supervising organization and delivery of training activities;

• performing quality checks of project implementation processes and outputs;

•diligently using the project budget securing value for money;

•ensuring good communication with key project stakeholders.

The Team Leader shall be the main contact point for the Contracting Authority, and at beneficiary's request, may brief SMC on progress achieved. Furthermore, he/she will liaise and coordinate with other on -going TA assignments, as required.

Job duration

3 years

Job profile

Qualifications and skills

•Bachelor's degree in one of the fields of economics, business administration, social or political sciences, engineering or equivalent; Master degree in one of the aforementioned disciplines will be an asset;

•Excellent command of spoken and written English;

• Full computer literacy.

General professional experience

• Minimum 10, but preferably 15 years of working experience following the attainment of a Bachelor's degree.

Specific professional experience

•Minimum 3 years of experience as Team Leader or Deputy Team Leader in at least two technical assistance projects financed by EU pre -accession funds and/or Structural Funds and each task lasting min 200 man days;

•Minimum 5 years of working experience in project development/programme management in regional/local economic development/competitiveness/innovation fields;

•Minimum 2 years of experience in programming and/or management of EU-funded grant schemes (excluding secondary procurement activities at local/regional level) at Contracting Authorities/Operating Structures level;

• Minimum1 year of experience in development of investment projects, including experience in development and/or assessment of pre -feasibility studies and/or feasibility studies and/or cost benefit analyses and/or business plans will be an asset.