Job details

Technical Assistance Support to the EPA Project (TAZEPA) Zimbabwe

Short-term experts for the project ‘’Technical Assistance Support to the Economic Partnership Agreement Project (TAZEPA) Zimbabwe’’

  • Project status
  • Project duration
  • Country
  • Contact person
  • Open tenders
  • 45 months (with a possibility of extension)
  • Zimbabwe
  • Alvise Forcellini
Project description

Project description

The purpose of this project is to provide technical assistance in the implementation of Zimbabwe Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) project with a focus on the following key result areas:

  • Reforming and streamlining policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks to incentivize production and trade in selected value chains;
  • Reducing trading costs and expediting movement, release, and clearance of goods;
  • Improving competitiveness and export capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises in selected value chains.

Job profile

Qualifications and skills

  • Master Degree or equivalent of a relevant related disciple (such as Economics, International Economics, Econometrics, International Business and Relation, International and law Commercial).
  • Good knowledge of EU development cooperation procedures and instruments;
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in related fields, preferably has been working directly with the beneficiary government and in other fragile states.
  • Experience in leading a group of experts in at least two other projects of at least 2 years' duration each before this contract
  • Fluent in English.
  • Key sectoral skills required includes
    • Trade and Export policy
    • Institutional development and capacity building
    • Macroeconomics and Public finance
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Programme and resource management
    • SME and Private sector
    • Regional Integration