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About us


Eurecna, tailored solutions

Eurecna is an independent private company based in Venice and operating in five continents.

Our reputation for excellence, innovation and adaptability is built on twenty years of large and challenging projects implemented in Italy, in Europe and in a range of transition and developing countries.

Eurecna’s mission is to implement innovative solutions that generate value for our clients by leveraging the multidisciplinary knowledge of our international network. We do not believe in “one size fits all” approach. We believe in the capacity of building on existing knowledge and best practices to design tailored solutions for our clients responding to their specific needs.

Corporate Values

We believe in integrity, transparency and social responsibility with complete commitment to meeting the needs of our clients.
Our list of values includes:

  • Long-term sustainability of our activities
  • Knowledge sharing as one of the key development tools
  • Constant financial solidity and fairness to our suppliers
  • Concern for our clients and the final consumers of our products
  • Care for the people and local communities where we operate
  • Respect for the environment

The above is reflected in the Eurecna’s Code of Business Ethics.

Eurecna S.p.a. data:

Taxpayer’s number: 03804880270
Share capital: paid-up 4.000.000 Euro
Inventory number (REA): VE - 340158


Eurecna is an International consultancy practice employing talented young people with a strong education background and outstanding personality and consultants with strong international track records. We encourage self entrepreneurship with challenging career paths and increasing responsibilities in a dynamic and multicultural milieu.

We strongly believe that human capital is our most competitive asset. This is why one of our strengths is a workplace that engages the commitment of its employees: a friendly organizational climate, trust between management and employees, good relationships and we feel like we are part of a team.

Create. Cooperate. Disseminate.

The measure of who we are is what we do.
The Working Paper Series portrays Eurecna’s mission and values through its project experience.

Upcoming Working Papers

WP 9: Ensuring the access to Justice for everybody
The case of The Gambia

WP 10: Investing in Support the Design and Implementation of Common Policies on economic integration
The experience of Central America


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